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Finding Your Inner Tumblr: Tips to Help You Become a Better Blogger

Being a blogger can be an exhilarating and at the same time, arduous experience. You have so much freedom and creative license to share your thoughts and feelings as a blogger that it’s almost like having your own personal blog. The one downside is that being a blogger often requires you to set aside time to write and edit your content, which can take up a large portion of your day.

But what if you could find some guidance on how to become a better blogger from the people who are already there – the ones that are successful because of it? What if there were solutions available that would help bloggers find their inner Tumblr blogger and tighten up their writing skills? Well, believe it or not, these tips might just do the trick.

Define what being a better blogger means to you

Before we begin, it’s important to define for yourself what being a blogger means to you. Try to get a feel for what you want out of blogging and what you’re looking for from it. Once you’ve got a good idea of where you’re wanting to go, you will be able to make better decisions and have a much easier time growing as a blogger.

If you’re like most bloggers, you have a few general characteristics that you would like to see in your blog:

Free thinkers

You want your blog to be a place where people can freely express themselves and have a lot of room for their thoughts and ideas. You want your blog to be a place where people can freely express themselves and have a lot of room for their thoughts and ideas.


You don’t want to spend the majority of your time clicking and navigating through emails and other distractions. You don’t want to spend the majority of your time clicking and navigating through emails and other distractions.

Must-have topics

If you want to be successful as a blogger, you must choose the right topics for your blog. You don’t want to be clicking “submit” for the rest of your life!

Commit to writing daily

As a blogger, you’ll naturally be writing content almost non-stop. This can be tough if you don’t have a process in place to help you stay on track. Luckily, there are a few techniques that will help you stay on-task and write quality content regularly.

First, you need to commit to writing daily. Not only do you have to make this a rule for your blog, but you also have to make this a priority in your life. If you don’t plan to write every day, how are you going to do it? Where are you going to get the ideas for your blog posts?

Next, you need to find a writing routine that works for you. There are several ways to go about this. You can sit down for a few minutes every day and focus only on one thing.

Writing three articles for your blog every week. You can also set aside certain hours of the day (for example, putting your phone on airplane mode and reading for 10 minutes) and spend the other hours thinking about your blog.

Show, don’t tell

The best way to start showing up as a blogger is to start showing off. This means that you need to start writing blog entries that contain helpful information for other bloggers. Start with showcasing your top five most-loved blog posts, and work your way down from there. Be sure to link to your most-liked posts in your first few entries and include links to your new posts as well so that your readers are kept apprised of your blog’s latest activities.

Keep this up until you feel comfortable publishing new blog content regularly. Once you’ve got a few consistent posts under your belt, you can start sharing them with the world!

Write for your audience

Blogging requires that you become more like a traditional journalist. You need to craft your content with care and cite your sources correctly. It’s important to remember that your blog is viewed by people other than you. It’s a chance for you to show them a different side to yourself that you might not otherwise show the world. Your blog is like a diary entry for you – it’s your thoughts, experiences, and ideas put into writing format for the world to read.

Have a process and stick to It

When you first start out as a blogger, you’re going to make lots of mistakes. This is normal, and you need to learn from them so that you can move forward more efficiently as a blogger. One of the most valuable things you can do is to have a process and stick to it. A process helps you identify your issues and become better at overcoming them. A stick to it ensures that you don’t deviate from your process too much, which is incredibly useful.

Summing up

Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts with the world and receive feedback from other members of the blogging community. It’s also a great way to make money online and help out your favorites by linking back to their blogs. All you can do is learn from the successful bloggers out there and try to improve your blog as much as you can. From there, you’ll be well on your way to being a happier and more successful blogger.

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